Fly Line

I am very proud to carry Monic Fly Lines, Royal Wulff, ARC, and Hatch Fly Lines.


Monic Fly Lines are made in Boulder Colorado and are one of the most, if not the most environmentally conscience companies in the fly fishing industry. Monic offers anglers a PVC-Free alternative to other fly lines as well as an eco-friendly coating for longer, more accurate casts. 

For more information, Please read the Monic Blog.


Royal Wulff Products was started by Lee & Joan Wulff nearly 40 years ago and still built in the US. Line up with our newest family of fly lines, the bermuda triangle tapers. Built to withstand the wilting heat of tropical flats and blistering decks, this line will continue to cast like a rocket when
the others have folded up. That’s because we build it around a special 16 strand braided
monofilament core that stays stiff to deliver blazing casts – even in blazing heat. The finish is also harder and slicker than our regular saltwater lines, with a slightly bumpy texture that helps facilitate longer casts


Hatch fly lines are manufactured by BVG-Airflo to Hatch's very specific design. Hatch's moto when it comes to fly line is "Keep it Simple"

-Textured line for maximum shooting

-Low stretch braided polyester core

-Memory free coating

-Head Length: 38.5'