Perfectionist Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader

Premium tapered 100% fluorocarbon leaders for saltwater species. 12 foot length with looped end for easy connection.  This fluorocarbon is ultra smooth and ultra durable.  Made for serious anglers. Tippet strengths available: 12, 16, or 20. 

Perfect for finicky bonefish, small permit, juvenile tarpon, snook and schoolie stripers.

The people of Japan are known for their meticulous processes and the high quality products resulting from their exacting standards. As an island nation, fishing is a way of life for the Japanese. They have been manufacturing extruded fishing line for more than a century. In the early part of the 20th century, engineers worked with the Europeans to refine the process of extrusion of mixed polymers and have been producing the highest quality leader material in the world.