Taylor Fly Fishing Revolution Z 10-12 wt

Revolution (definition): 1. a sudden, radical, or complete change. A fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something. 2. The motion of any figure about a center or axis. 

When designing the Revolution Z we set out with a goal to build the best fly fishing reel on the planet... PERIOD! We created the Z with a powerful carbon-fiber/stacked/sealed drag system, flawless ergonomics, beautiful aesthetics, the optimal size and weight, and a focus on all the small details that make a fly fishing reel great. The Z is constructed from 6061 bar stock aluminum with a truly revolutionary ultra-light carbon fiber frame. Every reel size features a drag system perfectly crafted according to the needs of the reel. The 4-6wt features the smallest drag chamber, created to be strong yet light with 10lbs of maximum drag. The 7-9wt and 10-12wt feature a larger sized drag chamber with up to 15lbs of max drag. Trout, salmon, musky, bass, bonefish, permit, tarpon, tuna, GT, etc... don't stand a chance when the Revolution Z is in your hands