Easy Shrimp Eyes - (Pack of 10)

Easy Shrimp Eyes are designed to make fly tying of shrimp eyes as easy as possible for you.

Most tyers have experienced that the eyes can be tricky to get to sit properly on their shrimp flies. Either one eye goes a little more out or up than the other, or maybe you will experience that the eyes are out of shape when the fly is completed. Easy Shrimp Eyes will always be exactly the same length, and you can forget about spending a long time to get your eyes to sit perfectly.

Many tyers often varnish or even glue their eyes on the hook for the best durability, but with the grooves on the surface of the Easy Shrimp Eyes, tie the eyes tight, and there is no need to secure the eyes further.

The eyes are slightly flared outward, and you can adjust them as you want to. If you would like the eyes to sit closer to the body, tie the thread a little beyond the eyes' stalk and this will bring the eyes closer to each other.

The material that the product is made of has the same specific gravity as water, therefore Easy Shrimp Eyes will not affect the buoyancy of your fly.