Forgotten Coast Fibers Yak Hair

Forgotten Coast Fly Company is very proud to offer you the best Yak Hair on the market. We spent months researching hair from numerous distributors to find the best quality.  

Fiber Length = 10-12"

10 gram Bundles

*Please note that these are natural fibers so coloration and waviness may vary slightly. 

"In my opinion Yak hair is the best material there is for large baitfish patterns … Perfect for just about everything in saltwater. I have published several Yak hair patterns and have been writing about it’s attributes for years now. When you are using a material without tips like yak hair or a synthetic like Fiber, you can cut a section so you have two flat ends. The section will contain multiple fibers or hairs that are the same length. You can make the section longer by pulling a few hairs or fibers from the ends. This will make the entire section longer and taper the ends.
The pattern uses yak hair mostly for its translucent qualities, but also because its length and wiry texture allows you to create larger flies. The natural fibers are great for blending because the strands of hair can be counted easily. This allows you to create flies that are more uniform in color and fullness. The coarse hair becomes supple when wet and has a lifelike quality when stripped.
I like yak hair because it is just a touch thicker and stiffer than most synthetics when it is dry, but quickly softens when it saturates with water. Yak hair’s long natural fibers are somewhat translucent, and the lighter colors react to UV light well. It comes in a variety of colors, and most importantly it is easy to separate individual fibers from the bunch and they blend well."

-Drew Chicone