Monic Impact Intermediate Fly Line

Impact Fly Lines are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable. Made with a polyester elastomer coating and a polyester core, Impact lines are the highest floating fly lines available. The low stretch core offers enhanced durability and extremely low memory. The hard finish achieved on Impact lines will extend your cast further than any other coating on the market without added lubricants.

Impact Fly Lines feature factory-welded loops on both ends for a smooth transition to backing and leader. We recommend using a loop-to-loop connection to both backing and leader to maintain the durability of this fly line.

The Impact taper is designed to excel in all fishing situations. All Monic fly lines can be used for both tropical, and cold-weather fly fishing. 


Store your Monic Fly Lines at room temperature. Rinse all fly fishing equipment with fresh water after saltwater use. Line can be cleaned and/or lubricated with Monic Microslick Fly Line Dressing.