Easy Shrimp Legs - (Pack of 10)

Easy Shrimp Legs are designed to make the tying of shrimp legs as easy as possible for you.

It can be a challenge, as well as time consuming, to get your shrimp legs to sit as you wish of your fly. Easy Shrimp Legs solve a lot of these problems with its unique design, and will make your tying easier. You don't have to worry about the leg joint knots anymore, and tying in the legs on the hook is made very easy for you.

There are many variations after you have tied in the product. Some want a wide spreading of the legs, while others prefer that they go a little more forward on the fly. The length of the legs you can adjust, the material is quite flexible. If you want longer legs on the fly, you can stretch them a little by hand, or by gently stretching the legs with a pair of pliers while holding under warm running water.

The joy of creating your very own fly pattern, is a detail that many tyers appreciate. With Easy Shrimp Legs, you can now put another great personal touch to your fly. Using water-resistant markers, you can color the legs in a single color, or you can be creative and use multiple.

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