Walton Avari Fly Rod

Performance, functionality, and quality - those are the key features we demanded to be the foundation of the Avari. Tested by tarpon and redfish in the Gulf, trout in the West, to smallmouth, carp, gar, and steelhead in the Midwest, the Avari has exceeded all expectations. 


As a 9-foot, 4-piece true medium fast action fly rod, you'll find the 5wt will handle trout applications seamlessly. The 6wt will throw streamers with ease, even in heavy winds. Finally, the 8wt will take down light saltwater and all streamer applications for your fish of choice. 

 6wt and up have fighting butt.

***The intitial run of the Avari was an imported rod to help bolster our inventory. All future builds have been absorbed through our US-built process.