So you want to be a Fly Company

This blog will be my accounts of getting starting in the Fly Fishing Business. From the people I meet, the way they treat me, to the lessons I learn, and everything in between. 

"So what made me want to start doing this?" someone once asked. "You have a very successful career." they said. I think anyone that gets hooked on fly fishing or fishing, hunting, etc will say "I am not in it for the money." 

I started as a way to keep busy during my other job. See I work 12 hour shifts during the night shift. So in that 12 hours I have some down time and after watching every sport on ESPN (even cricket, which if your looking to waste 8 hours, give it a try), I needed something else to keep me busy. I was just getting interested in fly fishing and have always loved making lures, so I decided to buy a vise. I starting whipping up some flies  and the first dozen or so were pretty bad, but I noticed that I starting getting the hang of it. I tied a couple EP flies and took them to my favorite watering hole to show some the guides I know. They were impressed. Not your best friend says they look good to support you impressed, but impressed enough to want to buy some. And so it began. 

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